WWDC 2020 Keynote. WWWDC 2020 is the annual Apple Worldwide Developers Congress for developers and Apple engineers. Apple 2020 is organized for June, but for the first time, This will be an event online also.

WWDC 2020 was held to be digital for Apple because of the ongoing outbreak of coronaviruses COVID-19.

iOS 14 – WWDC 2020 Keynote

Together with iphones the iOS is central to how we navigate our lives and stay connected. That’s why Apple has made the iOS 14 more more powerful, smooth and easy to use operating system for iphones.

The Apple’s traditional home screen is changed to a very smart and attractive home screen with more feature in it. Like Folders in iOS home screen to better organize the apps. Widget to get the quick information from the apps like the weather app widget. Personalized experience to get data and information like notifications in a form of group powered by on device intelligence. and all these made the iphone experience more fun.

Without these feature iPhone is now an incomplete and hard to imagine. The main reasons are the ease and we’re all used to of all these things. Aren’t we?

So keeping the experience and looking for the more best All this bring some more new cool feature for your latest iOS 14.

The App Library

In iOS 14, We have got the new Home screen experience to manage all our install apps on the home screen to better organize them. This is a new space or a screen on the home page which automatically organizes all of your apps in one and easy to navigate view which is quite simple and way easier to use than we can think.

We can only remember a few most used apps about where they are on the home screen and forgets about the rest because we can’t organize them in a proper way the majority. But with the App Library in iOS 14 all of our apps are well organized and accessible via one tap.

Infact, with the App library feature you don’t need to have a lot of pages on your home screen for different apps you can simply hide the pages and the app library will automatically arrange all of your apps in a grid view using artificial intelligence for you.

App Library
WWDC 2020 Keynote: App library features in iOS 14

On The top it will automatically show you the apps you just or recently downloaded from the App store using artificial intelligence. Below you’ll see all the apps organized in well manner and with a rellavent tag name. and all of your apps are divided in different sections. For example you have apps from Apple Arcade so you can see a separate view for the Apple arcade apps/games.

Apple Arcade App Library view
Apple Arcade App Library view


Apple iOS 14 Widgets
Apple iOS 14 Widgets

We already had the widgets for the previous versions of iOS but this time in iOS 14 the widget experience is going to be redesigned with beautiful view and rich data in your widgets available with different sizes to use it on your device according to your taste and need.

iOS 14 Widget Screen WWDC 2020 Keynote: iOS 14, iPadOS, WatchOS, tvOS, MacOS
Widget Screen in iOS 14

In iOS 14’s Widget screen you get a lot of widgets with all different sizes to customize the home screen with different widgets to be used with different sizes. These widgets are beautiful and now more data rich so you can get more information from them. You can access or customize the home screen simply by tapping and holding on your favourite widget and place it where ever you like on your home screen. The great thing is that it makes the place for it self by moving the apps icons to the side.

Smart Stack Widget

The smart stack widget is really smart. You can tap on a smart stack widget to place anywhere on the screen and you can also change the widget to a different one just by swiping up on the smart stack widget.

Picture-in-Picture Feature in iOS 14

picture in picture
Picture in Picture feature in iOS 14

Picture in Picture is a great feature that comes in iOS 14 and a great way to enjoy the videos in a PIP mode. we can simply swipe up and the player will automatically turn our video in a picture-in-picture mode so we can enjoy our video while doing other stuff like socializing on Famebies, Twiter, or editing our notes.

The one more great thing is that we can even move our video to the off side of the screen to just listen the audio and when needed we can swipe the video back to screen. We get option to close the video or re-open the video in full view.

picture in picture view in ios 14


macOS 2020 - WWDC 2020 Keynotes macOS
WWDC 2020 – macOS

The macOS is the great operating system that provides a smooth and easy to use the experience to all its users. macOS has revolutionized the experience of using a computer. With its incredible power for its professional users.

But this time Apple called the latest macOS Big Sur.

macOS Big Sur
macOS Big Sur

The latest version of macOS is called the macOS Big Sur and this comes with a entirely new look & design. Lates macOS comes with some major updates to some of the most important apps on the platform. As the name defines the macOS big sure brings you the most wanted power and great beauty.

Apple’s latest version of macOS Big Sur the most iconic and essential apps and part of it are refined

macOS Big Sur Dock

Dock in macOS Big Sur
Dock in macOS Big Sur

In the latest dock most of the icons for the apps are changed. for example if we open up the finder app in macOS Big Sur the top to bottom left side bar is redesigned which looks stunningly beautiful.

Finder App in macOS Big Sur
Finder App in macOS Big Sur

But not just about the finder, the mail app’s side is also changed to a new look & feel.

The Photos App in the latest macOS Big Sur is also changed. you get all your albums and media accessible from the sidebar and the photo grids are backed by metal. the transitions are superb and look beautiful which makes it more stunning. told in WWDC 2020 Keynote.

Photos App in macOS Big Sur
Photos App in macOS Big Sur

Now in MacOS Big Sur, you are given the new control center to manage the features in one place. All of your controls are in one place which makes it super easy for you to manage all the adjustments.

control center in macOS big sure 1 WWDC 2020 Keynote: iOS 14, iPadOS, WatchOS, tvOS, MacOS

Widgets in macOS Big Sur

widgets in macos big sur WWDC 2020 Keynote: iOS 14, iPadOS, WatchOS, tvOS, MacOS

You can customize the view of your macOS Big Sur by adding some cool widgets to your screen. Just simply click on the widgets icon and all your widgets on your screen as displayed in the picture above. You can change the sizes of the widgets according to your need and taste.


Where the most used apps are refined and redesigned the imessage is second to none. there are some new cool features added to the iMessage. The search feature can help you look up the most important information you’re looking for by just typing the keyword.

The photopicker in the imessage app is also changed and redesigned to pick the photos more easier.


Safari is one of the best and fastest browsers in the market. and this time in macOS Big Sur, There are some important changes that are made into it to make it better and smoother for everyone. some major functionalities are added into it. Safari’s page loading stats are even 50% faster than chrome. said in the WWDC 2020 keynote.

Apple added the new functionality to block the trackers available on different sites to track your activities on the internet. Users can click on the privacy button at the toolbar when user visits a site to better understand how webbite is tracking them.

Extensions in Safari

Apple added the functionality to use extensions for the safari browsers as we use the different extensions in the different browsers to enhance the browsing experience. But these can introduce some privacy issues. But users don’t have to worry about privacy because users can choose which site each extension can work with. you can give the extension permission for the only one day, always on the website or always everywhere.