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Here are the best Coming out soon Laptops – Upcoming Laptops 2019

Here We’re going to talk about the beast of upcoming laptops 2019. Read and share it with your friends.

In 2019 again, especially Acer devices, Asus, Dell (Alienware), HP, Lenovo, and MSI. The notebook market is fiercely competitive – names like Samsung and Sony have already withdrawn from the European market due to declining sales. Give up completely comes at least for Samsung out of the question, as the following device overview shows. All exciting notebook novelties and trends 2019 – here!

Upcoming laptops 2019
upcoming laptops 2019

Notebooks 2019: Nvidia lays the foundation stone

Right at the start of CES. Nvidia brought a blast and thus laid the foundation for a flood of new notebooks. The Californian graphics card specialist presented the notebook versions of his in August 2018 in Cologne presented ” Turing ” graphics processors. Nvidia manufactures. the models RTX 2080, RTX 2070 & RTX 2060 in the space-saving MaxQ format. known from its predecessor Pascal. But they have not castrated computing units, but full-fledged graphics chips. Restriction: The notebook versions work with slightly lower clock rates, but this should only marginally affect the tempo. 

Notebooks 2019: Intel with a big surprise

The world’s largest processor manufacturer frowned. Because new Intel computers also not seen. Actually, Intel wanted to present newly developed CPUs already at the end of 2018. but the conversion to computing units with fine 10-nanometer structures did not work smoothly. 

By the end of 2019, Intel wants to bring its CPUs of its ” Ice Lake ” series into the market – the beginning should make processors for Ultrabooks. A surprise, the US-American company but then ready: With “Lakefield” Intel showed a particularly power-saving chip with two different strong processor groups. Whether Intel has looked at the “big-LITTLE” technology of the counterparty ARM?

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Notebooks 2019: Six New AMD Processors

The sharpest rival could benefit from the delayed launch of new Intel processors: AMD had six new notebooks in its Ryzen 3000 series notebooks. And these were not only full-bodied announcements – the series production of these processors is to start shortly. The first laptops with Ryzen 3000 CPUs will be available in the first half of the year, promises AMD.

Notebooks 2019: Exchangeable CPUs and graphics chips

Right curious Dell has made the visitors of the CES with a retrofittable notebook. The currently third largest PC manufacturer in the world (behind Lenovo and HP) showed, among other things.

the gaming notebook Area 51-m, in which the buyer also later processor and graphics chip against can exchange stronger hardware. Dell does not use the old and little-used MXM technology, but plants the CPU and graphics processor on a self-developed replaceable module.

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