Apple October 2019 Event Macbook: iPads Macs and Much More

Here We have the Preview for the Upcoming Apple October 2019 Event about Apple Macbook, iPads and Mac OS and maybe much more.

Apple’s Fall 2019 product announcement schedule is (probably) not over yet. Yes, last Tuesday (Sept. 10) the company revealed the iPhone 11, the 10.2-inch iPad and the Apple Watch Series 5, but the company’s portfolio is so much wider than just those devices.

Apple october 2019 event macbook: ipads macs and much more

In a 91-minute case focused on MACs and iPads last year, the firm invited the media to Brooklyn, NY. We expect Tim Cook to disclose an additional MacBook, more information on a extremely expected Apple desktop and a number of updated tablets based on current reporting in NY.

In addition, there is a whole bunch of possible announcements we want Apple to make at last. Here’s what Apple is supposed to look for next month.

Probably: MacBook Pro 16-inch, and Catalina MacOS

This last February was marked by rumors from a fresh MacBook Pro (or at least one with a bigger screen). The well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo informed us in a study which properly forecasts the 10.2-inch iPad to look for an all-new MacBook Pro.

Subsequent accounts observed that this system would substitute the existing 15.4-inch MacBook Pro, and could use a frame comparable to the present model — only with trimmed-down bezels to accommodate a bigger display. The most contentious’ butterfly’ keyboard Apple is reported to have been using, and the 16-inch MacBook Pro is anticipated to be the first computer with a traditional scissor important layout.

Apple october 2019 event macbook: ipads macs and much more

Apple updated its macOS Catalina web page soon after the Sept. 10 event by noting that the operating system will arrive in October. An October event would therefore probably be an important place to announce a firm release date.

Also expected: Faster iPad Pros

Apple can shortly upgrade those high-end devices while the present 11 “and 12.9” iPad Pro models first appeared last October. In August, a Bloomberg study outlined changes to the processor and camera comparable to Apple’s fresh iPhones, which will be available in the next few decades and months.

That implies we could see a laptop moving on a computer quicker than the A13 card of the iPhone 11, just as a 2018 pro module of the iPad Pro A12X benchmarks the A12 box of the iPhone XS. Although the sophisticated chipset would probably be sufficient to maintain a specialist ranking for the fresh iPad Pro, it might be equipped with a three-camera system comparable to the iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple october 2019 event macbook: ipads macs and much more

We have no cause to expect that, too, but I hope that Apple will reinforce its current model framework to avoid bending.

Mac Pro Update should be present

Since the 2014 bright gray cylinder model came out to be a comparative dude, Mac loving experts wished a fresh Mac Pro. At WWDC 2019 in June, Apple unveiled a pricey fresh compact design for Mac Pro that combines many graphic hints with the favorite version of 2016 and is popularly known as “the pie grater.”

With an Intel Xeon W8-core processor and no monitor, the new Mac Pro will begin at $5,999. Apple’s $4,999 Pro Display XDR screen is strong for Mac and has a 32-inch screen, a 6 K resolution and help of high-dynamic range. Oh, and Apple also sells a screen of $999 to support it. All these rates coupled, however, will likely not even reach the top Mac Pro, which could rise to 35,000 dollars.

Apple october 2019 event macbook: ipads macs and much more

I mention’ might,’ as Apple did not announce the model pricing of Intel Xeon W 28-core CPU, 1.5 TB RAM, 4 TB SSD memory, dual AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo GPU and other keys and whistles. I have to say:

The other thing Apple still has to say us is when it will enable us to fall into this monster our money. Initially, the firm provided a Fall 2019 menu, and it was used to tell “coming September” when you sign up for Mac Pro notifications. “Now it states,” coming this fall, “as if inner Apple program was running out.

I predict complete prices and a deadline of accessibility for the latest Mac Pro at this coming October case.

Another thing: service bundle sales or AR Glasses?

You understand how often Apple activities finish with a statement “Another item…” before a new item is revealed? I have the hunch that without sharing information about its services Apple won’t let travel a media conference. More than just another Apple TV+ display advertisement, we hope this moment.

Right now, we understand the prices of Apple TV Plus ($4.99 per month), Apple News Plus ($9.99 a month) and Apple Arcade ($4.99 a month), but I can see Apple’s package marketing package with so many products, to give you more users.

Apple october 2019 event macbook: ipads macs and much more

And while Apple could decrease prices monthly (now $19.97 a month for all three), I believe that there is another manner the business could create situations enjoyable and not abandon media developers asking whether Apple would give back a simple boost to its job: give an iCloud bonus.

Not good, doesn’t fit but still coming: New AirPods

We also saw indications showing that Apple’s AirPods were more costly in the works in the Bloomberg article that ticked us off for the fresh iPad pros— which were mostly precise with its iPhone previews to the matt point.

AirPods can demonstrate up early, but AirPods operate on MacBooks and other Macs that could do their job properly for the October case. Apple’s headphones can be launched “by next year” and they can be totally wireless. However, because of their intimacy and portability, these items create more strategic meaning for an iPhone case.