Microsoft Surface NEO

Surface Neo Review 

Here is the Surface Neo review complete specs and also the price and release date. Microsoft had announced that Microsoft Surface NEO would release in Holiday season in 2020. This is now all in doubt. Reports from various sources like ZDnet. For this year’s Surface…


Apple October 2019 Event Macbook: iPads Macs and Much More 

Here We have the Preview for the Upcoming Apple October 2019 Event about Apple Macbook, iPads and Mac OS and maybe much more. Apple’s Fall 2019 product announcement schedule is (probably) not over yet. Yes, last Tuesday (Sept. 10) the company revealed the iPhone 11,…

Best Upcoming Laptops 2020

Best Upcoming Laptops 2020 – Updated 

Here are the Best Upcoming Laptops of 2020 – Twenty Twenty Here we are going to talk about the best and smartest upcoming laptops 2020. The purchase and sale of laptops in 2020 is an evergreen company, and this will never end until there is human existence….

Upcoming Laptops 2019 – The Full and guide – Laptops 

Here are the best Coming out soon Laptops – Upcoming Laptops 2019 Here We’re going to talk about the beast of upcoming laptops 2019. Read and share it with your friends. In 2019 again, especially Acer devices, Asus, Dell (Alienware), HP, Lenovo, and MSI. The notebook market…