macOS Sequoia Review: Apple’s Latest macOS Features and Performance

macOS Sequoia Review: Apple has once again redefined the macOS experience with the introduction of macOS Sequoia. Set to launch this fall, macOS Sequoia promises to bring a range of new features and enhancements designed to optimize your productivity, focus, and communication. From the innovative Apple Intelligence to the seamless integration with the iPhone, macOS Sequoia is poised to make your Mac experience sharper and more intuitive than ever before.

macOS Sequoia: A Comprehensive Review

macOS Sequoia is the latest iteration of Apple’s renowned operating system for Mac computers. With a focus on enhancing productivity, creativity, and seamless integration across devices, macOS Sequoia introduces a multitude of new features and improvements. This comprehensive review delves into the various aspects of macOS Sequoia, examining its new capabilities, performance enhancements, and overall user experience.

Apple Intelligence: A New Era of Contextual Assistance

Macos sequoia
Apple macOS Sequoia

macOS Sequoia Overview

One of the standout features of macOS Sequoia is Apple Intelligence, designed to provide contextual assistance tailored to the user’s personal context. This feature leverages the power of Apple’s silicon to deliver relevant and helpful insights, streamlining everyday tasks and enhancing productivity.

Key Features

  1. Contextual Awareness: Apple Intelligence uses machine learning to understand the user’s habits, preferences, and routines, offering suggestions and automations that are contextually relevant.
  2. Personalized Assistance: From recommending apps and actions based on usage patterns to providing intelligent reminders, Apple Intelligence aims to simplify and accelerate daily tasks.
  3. Enhanced Siri: Siri benefits from Apple Intelligence with improved language understanding and contextual awareness, making interactions more natural and effective.

Impact on User Experience

Apple Intelligence represents a significant step forward in making the Mac a more intuitive and responsive tool. By anticipating user needs and offering timely assistance, it reduces the cognitive load on users, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

Writing, Focus, and Communication Enhancements

Writing Tools and Language Capabilities

macOS Sequoia introduces advanced writing tools designed to aid in the creation and refinement of text. These tools include new language capabilities that help users write more effectively, summarize longer texts, and prioritize notifications.

  1. Advanced Text Editing: Enhanced text editing tools offer features such as auto-corrections, grammar suggestions, and style improvements.
  2. Summarization: The ability to summarize long texts quickly and accurately is particularly useful for students, professionals, and anyone dealing with extensive written content.
  3. Notification Prioritization: A new system for prioritizing notifications ensures that important messages are highlighted while less critical alerts are minimized, reducing distractions.

Image Creation and Memory Movies

Sequoia also emphasizes visual communication with tools for creating delightful images and memory movies. Users can craft Genmoji for conversations and revisit favorite moments through personalized memory movies.

  1. Genmoji: Customizable emojis that add a personal touch to conversations.
  2. Memory Movies: Automatically generated videos that compile personal photos and videos into nostalgic compilations.

Improved Siri Capabilities

Siri’s capabilities have been significantly enhanced in macOS Sequoia. With richer language understanding and better awareness of personal context, Siri is now more capable and helpful than ever.

  1. Natural Interactions: Improved language processing makes Siri’s interactions feel more natural and human-like.
  2. Contextual Responses: Siri can now provide more relevant responses based on the user’s current activity and past behavior.

Continuity: Seamless Integration with iPhone

macOS Sequoia takes the concept of device continuity to new heights, allowing users to seamlessly integrate their iPhones with their Macs.

iPhone Mirroring

One of the most exciting features is iPhone Mirroring, which allows users to view and control their iPhones directly from their Mac.

  1. View and Control: Users can access their iPhone’s screen and control apps without needing to physically pick up the device.
  2. Notification Integration: iPhone notifications appear alongside Mac notifications, and users can take actions directly from their Mac.

Drag and Drop Between Devices

The ability to drag and drop files, photos, and videos between an iPhone and Mac enhances productivity and simplifies file management.

  1. Seamless Transfers: Move content between devices as easily as dragging and dropping within a single device.
  2. Efficiency: This feature significantly reduces the time and effort required to transfer files between devices.

Productivity Enhancements

macOS Sequoia introduces several productivity features aimed at optimizing workspace organization and multitasking.

Easy Window Tiling

Window management is more efficient with easy window tiling, allowing users to arrange their workspace with minimal effort.

  1. Side-by-Side Tiling: Drag windows to the edge of the screen to automatically arrange them side-by-side.
  2. Corner Tiling: Place windows in corners to keep multiple apps in view simultaneously.

Keyboard and Menu Shortcuts

Users can lay out their workspace on the fly using keyboard and menu shortcuts, providing quick access to window management features.

Presenter Preview

For professionals who frequently share their screens during video calls, Presenter Preview is a valuable addition.

  1. Screen Sharing: Preview exactly what will be shared before displaying it to others, ensuring privacy and accuracy.
  2. Single App Sharing: Choose to share a single app instead of the entire screen, reducing distractions and focusing attention.

Background Replacements

Background replacements in video calls allow users to express themselves or maintain privacy by using built-in backgrounds or custom photos.

  1. Built-in Backgrounds: Choose from a selection of beautiful backgrounds.
  2. Custom Photos: Use personal photos as backgrounds, with advanced segmentation technology ensuring users look their best.

Safari: A Smarter Web Browser

Safari in macOS Sequoia introduces several enhancements aimed at improving the browsing experience.


Highlights provide quick access to relevant information from a website, making it easier to find what you need without extensive searching.

Redesigned Reader

The redesigned Reader offers a table of contents and high-level summaries, allowing users to get the gist of an article before diving in.

  1. Table of Contents: Navigate long articles with ease.
  2. High-Level Summaries: Quickly understand the main points of an article.

Video Viewer

When Safari detects a video on a page, Video Viewer helps put it front and center while still giving users full access to system playback controls.

  1. Enhanced Viewing: Videos are displayed prominently, enhancing the viewing experience.
  2. System Controls: Users retain full control over playback settings.

Security and Password Management

Security is a top priority in macOS Sequoia, with several new features aimed at protecting user data and simplifying password management.

Passwords App

The new Passwords app securely stores all credentials in one place, making it easy to manage passwords, verifications, and security alerts.

  1. Centralized Storage: All credentials are securely stored in one place.
  2. Security Alerts: Receive alerts for potential security issues.

Cross-Device Syncing

Passwords and security information are securely synced across Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Vision Pro, and Windows devices.

  1. Seamless Syncing: Access credentials across all devices.
  2. Cross-Platform Support: Works with both Apple and Windows devices.

Gaming on macOS Sequoia

Apple continues to enhance the gaming experience on Mac with support for new and upcoming titles that take full advantage of Metal 3 and Apple silicon.

Game Titles

macOS Sequoia supports a range of new and upcoming games, offering smooth frame rates and high-quality visuals.

  1. High-Quality Graphics: Games leverage Metal 3 for enhanced graphics.
  2. Smooth Performance: Apple silicon ensures smooth frame rates.

Personalized Spatial Audio

For an immersive gaming experience, Personalized Spatial Audio places users in the middle of the action, transforming how games are experienced on Mac.

  1. Immersive Audio: Spatial Audio enhances the gaming experience.
  2. Personalization: Tailor the audio experience to individual preferences.

Messaging and Communication

macOS Sequoia introduces new ways to play with text and communicate more effectively through the Messages app.

Text Customization

Users can type with tone, flair, and feeling, using a variety of new tools and features.

  1. Text Effects: Add personality to messages with text effects.
  2. Enhanced Emoji and Stickers: Express more with a wider range of emojis and stickers.

Send Later

The ability to schedule messages with Send Later ensures important messages are sent at the right time.

  1. Message Scheduling: Set specific times for messages to be sent.
  2. Convenience: Schedule messages for optimal delivery times.

Maps: Exploring the Outdoors

Maps in macOS Sequoia offers detailed topographic maps and trail networks, making it easier to explore the outdoors.

Topographic Maps and Trail Networks

Maps now feature detailed topographic maps with extensive trail networks and hikes, including all 63 U.S. national parks.

  1. Trail Networks: Explore detailed trail networks.
  2. National Parks: Access maps for all U.S. national parks.

Offline Access

Users can save hikes for offline access, ensuring they have essential information even without an internet connection.

  1. Offline Maps: Save maps and hikes for offline use.
  2. Custom Routes: Create and save custom walking and hiking routes.

Notes: Enhanced Note-Taking on macOS Sequoia

The Notes app in macOS Sequoia offers several new features aimed at improving note-taking and organization.

Live Audio Transcription

Record audio sessions within notes and generate live audio transcriptions that can be searched and combined with other content.

  1. Audio Transcriptions: Automatically transcribe recorded audio.
  2. Searchable Content: Easily search through transcriptions.

Math Notes

Math Notes allow users to crunch numbers, evaluate expressions, and assign variables directly within the Notes app.

  1. Inline Calculations: Solve expressions as you type.
  2. Variable Assignments: Use variables in calculations.

Collapsible Sections and Highlighting

Manage text-heavy notes with collapsible sections and highlighting, making it easier to organize and emphasize important content.

  1. Collapsible Sections: Simplify complex notes.
  2. Text Highlighting: Make key information stand out.

AirPods: Advanced Audio Features

AirPods users will benefit from several new features in macOS Sequoia, enhancing the overall audio experience.

Hands-Free Siri Interactions

Users can now interact with Siri using head gestures, such as nodding for yes or shaking for no.

  1. Gesture Control: Interact with Siri hands-free.
  2. Enhanced Accessibility: Improved accessibility for users with physical limitations.

Voice Isolation on AirPods Pro

Voice Isolation ensures crystal clear calls even in noisy environments, utilizing advanced computational audio.

  1. Clear Calls: Enhanced call quality in noisy conditions.
  2. Computational Audio: Advanced audio processing for better clarity.

Personalized Spatial Audio for Gaming

Spatial Audio enhances the gaming experience, placing users in the middle of the action for a more immersive experience.

  1. Immersive Sound: Spatial Audio transforms gaming audio.
  2. Personalized Experience: Tailor audio settings for individual preferences.

macOS Sequoia Additional Features

macOS Sequoia includes a host of other improvements and new features across various apps and functionalities.


The updated Calculator app introduces new tools like history and unit conversions, as well as support for complex expressions.

  1. History and Conversions: Access calculation history and perform unit conversions.
  2. Complex Expressions: Solve complex equations with multiple operations.

Calendar and Reminders Integration

Users can create, view, edit, and complete reminders directly from the Calendar app, streamlining task management.

  1. Integrated Reminders: Manage reminders within the Calendar app.
  2. Task Management: Simplify scheduling and task tracking.

Freeform Enhancements

Freeform sees several improvements, including better organization tools, diagramming modes, and the ability to share boards via links.

  1. Scenes and Diagramming: Organize boards with scenes and improved diagramming.
  2. Board Sharing: Easily share boards with a link.


The Photos app introduces Collections, which automatically organizes the library by topics like Recent Days, Trips, and People & Pets.

  1. Collections: Automatically organize photos by topics.
  2. Pinned Collections: Quick access to important collections or albums.


The Weather app now prominently displays the Feels Like temperature and allows users to add home and work locations from Contacts.

  1. Feels Like Temperature: View actual and perceived temperatures.
  2. Location Integration: Add home and work locations for easy access.

Home App

New features in the Home app include guest access management, robot vacuum cleaner integration, and electricity usage tracking.

  1. Guest Access: Manage guest access to your home.
  2. Smart Devices: Integrate robot vacuums and track electricity usage.

Privacy Enhancements

An improved Privacy and Security settings menu makes it easier to manage information sharing with apps, enhancing user privacy.

  1. Simplified Privacy Settings: Easier control over information sharing.
  2. Enhanced Security: Improved security measures across the system.

Compatibility and Availability

macOS Sequoia is compatible with a range of Mac models, ensuring that a broad user base can take advantage of its new features and improvements.

macOS Sequoia Supported Devices

  1. iMac: 2019 and later
  2. iMac Pro: 2017 and later
  3. Mac Studio: 2022
  4. MacBook Air: 2020 and later
  5. Mac mini: 2018 and later
  6. MacBook Pro: 2018 and later
  7. Mac Pro: 2019 and later

macOS Sequoia Availability

macOS Sequoia is scheduled for a public release in the fall, with a beta version available for testing in the interim.


macOS Sequoia represents a significant evolution in Apple’s operating system, bringing a wealth of new features and improvements that enhance productivity, creativity, and device integration. From the introduction of Apple Intelligence to seamless iPhone mirroring, advanced writing tools, and enhanced security, Sequoia is poised to elevate the Mac experience to new heights. Whether you’re a professional, student, or casual user, macOS Sequoia offers something to enhance your workflow and enrich your digital life.