Huawei MateBook D15 review

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Huawei MateBook D15 review: huawei MateBook D 15 Review

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Huawei MateBook D15 review


The Huawei MateBook D15 preserves the Mac-like design, that we have already lifted numerous MateBook variants in history, with little or no differences that distinguish it from the MacBook. Heck, indeed the keyboard layout becomes even reasonably close to that for those who need a more inexpensive MacBook and prefer a layout on their keyboards. I, on the other hand, are not really a fan of this squeezed-down style because I’m more likely to strike the wrong buttons.

It nonetheless replaced the name and logo branding on the back with Huawei’s solid text, which I assume makes it look much more stylish and is available exclusively in Mystic Silver in aluminum alloy. Even if you can say that there are very few changes, this is actually a good thing due to the extreme design for the previous Series MateBook, and sometimes even MacBook, if you assume about doing so.

Things considered, the weight of the MateBook D15 would be about 1,62 Kilograms which sounds quite light, however, I still found that this is a bit heavy. However, it’s not really a huge deal! You can transport the tool fully conveniently on the brighter side because it is heavy only after you hold it with one hand. It’s also not exactly easy to slip into your bag with a width of 357.8 mm and a height of 229.9 mm.


The unit comes with an IPS HD FullView Digital display screen of 15.6 inches which really makes every picture and video you see much more impressive on this display. Watching those photos with a 3D-effect also becomes more vivid than before, and colorful clips of music are far more impressive. To see my favorite music videos from American Idol was a treat on this newborn definitely

The MateBook D15 is definitely great for watching films, being imaginative or working because you could see more stuff on the screen through having to scroll a ton. It does have an impressive 87 percent screen to body ratio and small bezels narrowed to just 5.3 mm. That’s not a touch screen to add, but it definitely adds more to the price and this laptop is already so fantastic about what it does.


In order to ensure that the Huawei Matebook D15 is worth the investment, you managed to spend and Huawei certainly didn’t stop you, you should expect a certain amount of power. The MateBook D15 is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor and originates with a PCIe SSD3 and up to 8 GB of dual-channel DDR4 RAM package so this kid is fast enough yet to support my unwholesome habit of picking up a complete set of tabs on my browser as well as several applications all at the same.

Indeed, including during regular operation there had been a delay, but then that probably happens when I do too much of something-an event that is typical to me but the delays are not as usual. It only took place once maybe twice all through my use so far in my trial. Just take as you need to. Take it how you want.

Furthermore, because of another, I could not prescribe this for heavy gaming and even for heavy video and pictures editing programs. Normal games, but still not especially requesting, are entirely good but can still be edited and prepared for a certain degree of lag.


The battery of the Huawei MateBook D15 guarantees to just use up to 6 hrs per day, an amount that is healthy enough. But, frankly, when all I did was viewed videos the whole day, I began to realize this lasting 6 hrs. The same could not be said that if I genuinely agree to work on it, in which it spanned for around 4 hrs, however, I would highly suggest the loader has to be on you.

On the light side of the battery, the machine loads rapidly when it has a 65 W USB-C charger and if you have a powerstrip, you can use a power bank. which allows for a fully charged battery of about 53% in an hr and a fifth. When you are there, proceed and load your own smartphones or other devices as the device comes with three USB ports which can quickly load and even transmit the data when you need it.

It really has no SD Card Reader, or perhaps even USB-A port, which makes it certainly not really the best machine for camera users as well as those who use Internet cables, and you still have a headphone jack port. So why would you want to do it today?


The previous Huawei MateBook D 13 review touched upon the One Hop feature, which allows you to quickly share and transfer files between MateBook and a Huawei handset. Including on MateBook D15, where I used this to move photos I had taken from Mate 30, this feature is still available.

I’ve had a couple of problems starting because both machines were small in juice, but it was easy to charge. Tap and communicate the phone in the background of the MateBook D15, instantaneously display an Android emulator on the MateBook D15 to make it possible for you to transfer files to, or copy text directly to, your smartphone. Undoubtedly a great thing to look for, although it remains an important barrier to Huawei devices only for those who may not use Huawei.

Fingerprint logins on the power button provide several useful features to see, which would be an excellent way to securely connect because time is saved and passwords must also be stored. The secret camera element is also available for which a camera is mounted inside the keyboard, and you can click it to pop up sometimes you need a camera, then pop it down again as you are finished. More than enough confidentiality for all those wanting a security measure.


Ultimately, you must take some cut if you’re searching for a laptop that can assist you with writing, creative output and much more, and now you’re trying to look for your favorite pictures or movies. Of course, it’s not a powerhouse and has a certain amount of limitation, but at an RM4599 price you get a very good device for students and entertainment for those who need it, too.

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