Gaming laptop vs gaming desktop 2019

When digital computers were first invented. When they were taking up entire rooms. And when hard drives looked like washing machines. Who would have guessed that roughly half a century later? we would have computers a thousand times more powerful. and in our very own pockets.
Actually, computers Machines are getting more powerful and lighter every year. The topic of the day. However, is related to gaming laptops. with the above smartphone reference being used merely to draw your attention to just, how much technology has advanced.
To be more in detailed. W will be comparing gaming laptops & desktops across multiple points and determine which performs well in which regard.

The GPU Power


Whenever we are talking about gaming systems, the GPU specifications are always the first thing that you want to know about. And while it is not that hard fitting an i9 or a Ryzen 7 CPU inside a laptop, GPUs are a whole other story.

The reality is that high-end graphics cards are larger. This is not a problem with desktop computers, but a laptop’s main advantage is that it is portable & light. There are issues when it comes to fitting a big graphics cards inside a small and thin plastic frame.

Size and weight. Laptops use special mobile versions of GPUs. that are engineered to fit inside the cramped interior. and add a little to the laptop’s overall mass as possible. Therefore, there is another major issue here.
Temperature – GPUs run hot. Those massive heatsinks and triple-fan coolers are not just for show. GPU only does not a need to fit inside the laptop, but the laptop’s overall cooling system needs to be tweaked to accommodate the heat increase that comes with a dedicated graphics card.
Performance – With the two above points in mind, reduced size and heat generation do not come without tradeoffs. Mobile GPUs are always weak than the desktop.

There is simply no competition between a desktop computer and a laptop in terms of raw performance. Further, the fact that a gaming laptop usually costs double as much as a gaming desktop with similar specifications.

But it is not all hopeless External Graphic Cards are a good way to turn a normal laptop into a gaming laptop. As long as you do not mind the extra bulk and your Computer is up to the running.