Acer Swift 5 Pro Review

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Acer Swift 5 Pro Review:

  • Acer Swift 5 Pro Unboxing
  • Manufacturing and Design
  • Dis-Assemble
  • Display
  • Sound
  • Battery
  • Central Processing Unit Options
  • GPU Options
  • Gaming Test
  • Conclusion

With all its Swift 5 series, Acer is continuing for the thinnest design conceivable. And it’s been that manner for a few years now, and the latest Swift 5 Pro SF514-54GT is no exception. Compared to the earlier models, the machine is a sub-kilogram unit which doesn’t look much heavier than a textbook in your lap.

Furthermore, as much as you might know, if you read our review on Swift 5 (SF514-52), the cooling system is among the biggest disadvantages. The Taiwanese firm is now selling its latest development, built with Intel’s 10 nm Ice Lake CPU series. In contrast, when you’re wanting to know what the difference would be between the Pro andnon-Pro variants, well the Pro one has a dedicated GPU in the form of the MX250, while the other one has built-in graphics.

Bear in mind that we are still talking about the 10W variant, so don’t predict something unique from it. Other than these adjustments, Acer has maintained the touchscreen usability of its display if you really need one on such a laptop.

Acer Swift 5 Pro Review


We found a 65W power brick from the inside of the box, as well as certain paper handbooks.

Manufacturing and Design

A lot of big Manufacturers are working to reduce the weight of their laptops but until now, Acer is the most successful one. So how are they successful in keeping it under 1 kilogram? What is the reason Ok Let’s Break the myth, a mixture of magnesium-aluminum and magnesium-lithium composites is used something that often helps to maintain the thickness under 15 mm.

That you are not gon na be able to lift the lid with a single hand. But at the other hand, Acer has implemented a mechanism similar to the ASUS ErgoLift. The rear end of the lid has legs, and as soon as you hit about 70-80 degrees of opening, the lid becomes a lever that lifts the back of the base. We assume this is the way to strengthen the cooling capabilities of the whole notebook. What about the touchscreen.

Well, we didn’t find it easier for using than it is on the last year’s device. The lid is just too unbalanced to withstand all the seasonal brews if you don’t hold it with one hand. This renders it very unpleasant, and we have never found ourselves using a touchscreen since we’ve tested it to function.


Onto the left hand side, You can see a power plug unfortunately  which is not a Type-C one. Followed with an HDMI connector, a USB Type-A 3.1 (Gen. 1) and a Thunderbolt 3 port. There is an increasingly common USB Type-A 2.0 port and a headphone jack on the right hand side.


To attach the base plate to the frame, the company used Torx-head screws. There will be 11 of them, and when you disassemble them, you can simply press them with a plastic instrument.

The cooler method actually caught our eyes. There is also a big fan used only to knock away the heat from the heat sink. But how is the heat transfer from the CPU to the heat sink? Okay, it is through two heat pipes. We protect both of the processor and the graphics unit, and we assume that the capacity will be enough.

We did not expect RAM SODIMM slots, that says you can’t do something about it and the memory is soldered. It will have a single M.2 port on the bright side that enables PCIe x4 drives.

Acer Swift 5 Pro Display

Acer Swift 5 does have a full high definition screen, AUO B140HAK02.5 (AUO253D) model. Air Swift 5 has a full high definition screen. It has a 14′′ 35.56 centimeter diagonal and a 1920 μ1080 pixel density. The screen proportion is also 16:9 with pixels per inch of 0.161x 0.161 mm 157 ppi, their pitch. When viewed at least from 56 cm, the screen can be considered retina the average human eye can not see the various pixels from this distance. Its angles of perspective are outstanding.

Display Conclusions

The display is touchsensitive and features a full High Defination resolution of acer Swift 5 (SF514-54GT). It also has pleasant viewing angles Perspective and a good contrast ratio. It does not only cover 93% of the SRGB a condition for an impressive picture, and its luminosity does not match with PWM.


We usually found models of either the Core i5-1035G1 or the Core i7-1065G7 for the swift 5 Pro (SF514-54GT). Acer Swift 5 Pro Cpu score is 581.00.


While this notebook is available in nonpro version free of a dedicated GPU, 10W GeForce MX250 is included in the Pro version. GPU Score of Acer Swift 5 Pro is 2969.00.

Acer Swift 5 Pro Gaming Test

CSGOHD 1080p, Low FPSHD 1080p Medium FPSHD 1080p, High FPS
NVIDIA GeForce MX250 (10W)847461
DOTA 21207850
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