The Best Dell Deals and Discounts in May 2022

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The best dell deals and discounts in may 2022

Dell Deals and Discounts in May 2022: Save a lot of money on the latest Dell and Alienware laptops.

Dell has been a staple in the computer industry for years, and its products have always been highly sought after. In May of 2022, Dell is offering some great deals on laptops, desktops, and monitors. Whether you’re looking for a new powerhouse PC or something more portable, Dell has you covered. Here are the best deals on Dell’s products in May of 2022.

May is Dell’s month-long sale, and there are some fantastic deals to be had on laptops, desktops, workstations, tablets, and accessories. Whether you’re a student, a small business owner, or need a new computer for your home office, Dell has the perfect product for you at a fraction of the cost. In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the best Dell deals and discounts in May 2022.

Dell is now offering significant savings on Dell and Alienware computers, displays, and accessories. It’s a wonderful opportunity to save if you’re looking for a new PC, gaming equipment, or must-have laptop peripherals.

In fact, excellent Dell offers may be found all year, as well as on Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Aside from Dell’s main website, merchants such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart, to mention a few, provide deals on Dell items.

To obtain the greatest value, though, it is always worthwhile cost matching with Dell’s straight pricing. Dell is well-known for providing discount coupons that range between 5% to 17% discount on specific devices. (Coupons typically stack with discount prices.)

Here seem to be today’s greatest Dell discounts, ranging from the superb Dell XPS 13 to the brawny Alienware gaming laptops.

Today’s Best Dell Deals and Discounts in May 2022

Best dell deals and discounts
Best Dell Deals and Discounts – Dell Deals and Discounts in May 2022

1. Dell XPS 13 Deals and Discounts

Dell xps 13 deals and discounts
Dell XPS 13 Deals and Discounts – Dell Deals and Discounts in May 2022:
CPUIntel Core i7
GPUIntel UHD 620
Storage1TB PCIe SSD
Display13.3″ 4K Display
Size11.6 x 7.8 x 0.6 inches
Dell XPS 13 specifications

The XPS 13 is the best Dell laptop in the marketplace. The newest model includes Intel’s 11th Generation Tiger Lake CPU, which provides a significantly improved performance. In our Dell XPS 2020 review, we found an appealing, luxurious casing, robust performance, as well as a bezel-free screen.

2. Dell XPS 15 Deals and Discounts

Dell xps 15 deals and discounts
Dell XPS 15 Deals and Discounts – Dell Deals and Discounts in May 2022:

CPUIntel Core i9
GPUNvidia GeForce GTX 1650/Intel UHD Graphics 630
Storage1TB m.2 NVMe PCIe SSD
Display15.6″ 4K Display
Size13.6 x 9.1 x 0.7″
Dell XPS 15 specifications

If you really want a powerful computer, the Dell XPS 15 is the laptop you should purchase. So do not be fooled by its sleek, 0.7-inch-thick metal construction; it works just about as good as it appears. B  brilliant, colorful, extremely high-resolution screen, and superb acoustics in our review. We were so satisfied with the laptop’s overall and graphics performance that we gave it our Editor’s Choice award.

The recommended configuration comes out as a great deal for Apple fans! It features an Intel Core i9 processor, 32 GB of RAM, a 1 TB solid-state drive (SSD), and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card. This system looks like a top-of-the-line laptop computer, but it’s actually priced well below most new laptops.

3. Alienware Area-51m Deals and Discounts

Alienware area-51m deals and discounts
Alienware Area-51m Deals and Discounts – Dell Deals and Discounts in May 2022
CPUIntel Core i9-9900K
GPUNvidia GeForce RTX 2080
Storage1TB PCIe M.2 SSDs/1TB
Display17.3″ 4K Display
Size16.1 x 15.9 x 1.2~1.7″
Dell XPS 15 specifications – Dell Deals and Discounts in May 2022

The powerful Area-51m gaming laptop has been meticulously engineered to attract serious gamers & Alienware lovers. It is the first Alienware laptop to include an 8 Core CPU as well as a GeForce RTX 2080 Graphics. Furthermore, it is one of the first gaming laptops that allows you to replace the CPU, Memory, storage, and even Graphics card.

We were thrilled by the machine’s magnificent space station appearance, remarkably good productivity, and upgradeable equipment, as we mentioned in our Alienware Area 51m review. Whereas Area 51m is one of the most expensive gaming laptops on the market, its performance and upgradeability make it worthwhile.

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