Microsoft Surface Pro X Full Review

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Microsoft surface pro x full review

The Microsoft Surface Pro X Full Review

  • Microsoft Surface PRO X Price
  • Microsoft Surface PRO X Design
  • Microsoft Surface PRO X Review

The next step has arrived, and it’s a completely new design, for Microsoft’s professional tablets. The Surface Pro X marks the first device of the company to inside rock a custom-made processor (CPU) and a rock style that automatically stocks and charges.

All told, it’s a logical leap forward for the device that is now in its seventh iteration, especially when it comes to the design. This latest model of the tablet is more compact than ever. However, it’s also uncharted territory for the platform, now being an ARM-based, Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU called the Microsoft SQ1.

The Surface Pro X looks and sounds incredible, and the cost is not really exorbitant. We still have to see a Windows device based on ARM fulfilling our expectations, so we are carefully optimistic about performance.

1. Microsoft Surface Pro X Price

The official version of Surface Pro X will take place on 22 October and will be available online and in stores. But it’s now readily available, starting with $999/AU$1,699 for its base model (around £ 810).

Briefly, it is a high-quality product all over. However, the good news is that Microsoft has now included the styling and keyboard cover for this price, making it a good deal of darn.

Sharing the same cost as2-in-1 phones, this value offers you an 8 GB of ram (RAM) and a 128 GB (SSD) hard disk. This is what a MacBook Air offers at its starting price today.

Microsoft Surface Pro X Review

Laptop with LTE and 13 “touchscreen edge-to-edge 2-in-1. Surface Pro X mixes supreme movement with incredible graphs, which is ultra-thin and always linked.

Surface Pro X Design

The Surface Pro X takes the traditional but somewhat obsolete Surface Pro model and reduces the thinness and weight even more. Actually, the laptop is 11.3x 8.2x 0.28 “and weighs 1.7 pounds (774 g) currently. This is 287x 208x 7.3 cm.

Microsoft surface pro x full review

In reality, the machine is incredibly small and can fit into almost any bag easily. Microsoft also offers a much more balanced and sleek look and feel on the edges of the Surface PROX.

It is certainly a welcome update and gives Surface Pro the feeling of our iPhone XR rather than a Windows tablet–this is a compliment.

Sadly, the Surface Pro X has only a single color option: a black, matte aluminum finish and a Type Cover fabric in black Alcantara. On the other side, it’s just the smallest presence for the launch of this technology flagship so we don’t argue.

As for the typing experience, we find it to be a delight and extremely precise, although it sounds more jumping than in Surface Pro tablets of the previous generation. That said, we understand that there is always an ergonomic angle, with the Surface Pen stored below the display in the Type Cover.

With regard to the Surface Pen, the accommodation of the new storing and charging functions are now flatter than before. But it seems to avoid and dress just as nice and precise. There is all normal pressure resistance, and palm rejection of the screen is still spotless.

The display on the subject consists of a 13-inch PixelSense touchscreen with a resolution of 2,880x 1,920 pixels (267 pixels per inch) and a dimension ratio of 3:2. Simply put, this is a beautifully painted board of what can be written. At 450 nits it is also impressively luminous.

All told, it’s a big Windows tablet which, due to its size and weight–not least the impressive screen–we can see as a conventional laptop.

Conceived to convince.

Perfect for your on-the-go living with only 7.3 mm and beginning with just 1 to 5 kg.1 See and do more on PixelSenseTM 13 “nearly edge-to-edge display with the 3:2 signaling proportion that gives you as much working space as necessary.

Always at your fingertips 

Make Surface Pro X a complete laptop and mobile Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard studio with Slim Pen. The Pen safely stores and refills the luxurious Alcantara ® coated computer, with backlit buttons and a big crystal multi-touch pad.

Work without an office

Stay up to 13 hours2 and have the capacity to go from empty to complete fast — around eighty times in just under one hour.6 Stay up with blazing-fast Lte Advancing Pro.3.

Premium performance

The new Microsoft ® SQ1TM customized processor is powered by Qualcomm ® and offers a multi-task laptop, lengthy storage lives and quick connectivity LTE and Wi-Fi.

The Surface Pro X is a computer for the future, with its hardware only in vision. It uses an all-new CPU which has not previously seen, so it is hard to know how it stands against rival Intel and AMD chips. And sadly, we did not have the opportunity to clear our entire series of tests. At least not yet.

However, up to 16 GB of RAM is available in the tablet. Furthermore, Microsoft claims it offers PC-class running, best class graphics performance and all sounds good. This optimized ARM chip, which it has co-developed with Qualcomm. Nonetheless, we still need to see the Windows 10 device based on ARM really offer a run to Intel or AMD computers. We’re both cautiously fascinated and can not wait to see how it measures up in-house.

However, up to 16 GB of RAM is available on the tablet. Furthermore, Microsoft claims it offers PC-class running, best class graphics performance and all sounds good. This optimized ARM chip, which it has co-developed with Qualcomm. Nonetheless, we still need to see the Windows 10 device based on ARM really offer a run to Intel or AMD computers. We’re both cautiously fascinated and can not wait to see how it measures up in-house.

This ARM processor also has LTE connectivity, so you are linked everywhere. You don’t have to cease to work, create or play even if you’re at a place where Wi-Fi is not available.

But, it’s a little like a double-edged sword since this processor is used instead of Intel Ice Lake, which means it’s restricted to WiFi 5 and WiFi 6 doesn’t help it. This will probably mean little in the real world for most daily users. Nonetheless, a machine known as the cornerstone of Microsoft’s Surface Pro series is a little frustrating because of the lack of future-proofing.

The business Microsoft has also the first-ever Windows PC processor artificial intelligence system. The uses for this are largely unclear, although one function we saw during webcam calls was live video editing. It seems like you look at the lens–even if you don’t. You could do this impressively if perhaps only a tad creepy.

Do not get your hopes unless you intend to see Thunderbolt 3 in this version. The USB-C ports on your device are presumably USB 3.1 and not Thunderbolt 3–a total downward truck. They appreciate the simplicity of the USB-C currently accessible on Surface Pro, but also want the unmatched data transmission rates and support for high-resolution displays. Oh also, presumably because of the diminishing image, the microSD card slot is gone.

But the great news is, Microsoft claims that a single battery charge will last Surface Pro X for up to 13 hours. Admittedly, it seems to us that for an ARM, energy consumption is one of the major advantages of this form of processor. The Microsoft SQ1 chip could be that powerful, however.

We will test it to see how long it takes, but at least you should be comforted that it can be chargeable fast. Microsoft claims, with surface Pro X, that in roughly one hour you can get up to 80% power.

A powerful balance

So Microsoft Surface Pro Create a fast, fast, day-to-day battery, fast charge and LTE connectivity with Surface Pro X, whether on the road, in the air or at your favorite café.

Do more with Windows 10 and Office 365

Build your best work on Windows 10 Home 4 with Office 365. Enjoy acquainted characteristics such as fast Windows password-free logins and safer pictures and documents with OneDrive in the cloud.

Microsoft Surface X Pro Specifications

  • 13” touchscreen display
  • Graphics up to the next gene with a RAM of 16 GB
  • Our thinnest 2-in-1 laptop at 7.3mm
  • Includes LTE Advanced Pro


ScenariosUltimate mobility for work and connection, browsing, on-screen drawing, and Netflix streaming
Dimensions11.3 in x 8.2 in x 0.28 in (287 mm x 208 mm x 7.3 mm) 
DisplayDisplay resolution of PixelSenseTM Display: 2880 x 1920 (267 PPI). Aspect proportion: 3:2 Touch: 10 touchpoints. Brightness multi-touch: 450 nits.
MemoryLPDDR4x 3733Mbps 8 GB or 16 GB of RAM
ProcessorMicrosoft® SQ1™
SecurityWindows Hello Face sign-ins TPM Enterprise Protection Firmware
SoftwareWindows 10 Home5 Microsoft Office 365 30-day trial
SensorsAccelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer Ambient light sensor
What’s in The Box of Microsoft Surface Pro XSurface Pro X Power Supply Quick Start Guide Safety and warranty documents
Weight1.7 lbs (774g)
StorageOptions: 128, 256, or 512 GB of Retro-Solid State Drive (SSD) 9
BatteryTypical equipment use for up to 13 hours
GraphicsAdrenoTM 685 GPU Microsoft ® SQ1TM
Connection2 x USB-CTM 1 x Surface Connection Ports 1 x Nano SIM Surface dial off-screen communication * 1 x Surface Connection Port
Camera, Video, and AudioFace Authentication Camera with 1080p HD rear profile 10.0MP rear face camera and 1080p HD front face camera with 4k HD Dual Far-Field Studio Mics 2W stereo speakers with the AudioTM Dolby ® Premium Camera Windows HiFi face pro with front face 5.0MP.
WirelessWi-Fi 5: 802.11ac compatible with the Qualcomm ® X24 SnapdragonTM LTE Modem Advanced Pro4 Bluetooth Wireless 5.0 software, supporting nanoSIM and eSIM systems. Support for LTE bands: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14, 19, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 38, 39, 40, 41, 46, 66 Unlocked Support GPS and GLONASS Unlocked
ExteriorCase: carbon-fanless, anodized aluminum signature Colors: Matte Black Physical switches: volume, power
1-year limited hardware warranty
Best in ClassFree technical support for 12 months in-store assistance, and technical support for 1 open coaching meeting to pass information and optimize efficiency 30-day return policy 90 days
Microsoft Surface PRO X Specifications and Review

Microsoft Surface Pro X Review. Microsoft Surface Pro X Specifications.

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