Samsung Galaxy Book S Review

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Here is Samsung Galaxy Book S Review The First Mobile PC Laptops The Samsung Galaxy Book S:

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Samsung Galaxy Book S Review

The Samsung Just recently launched the Samsung Galaxy S with amazing mobile features in it and called the first mobile pc laptop with the advantages of a smartphone. Using a Galaxy Book S feels like a using a smartphone in the hand. It is fast and reliable for everyday users who love to use the laptops all day for surfing, gaming, entertainment and study purpose.

Samsung galaxy book s review
Samsung GalaxyBook S


Samsung Galaxy Book S Thickness

The Galaxy Book S is a thin and ultra-light to take it anywhere with you no matter if you’re doing yoga or traveling abroad it is with you like your shadow that doesn’t scare you but provides you the sensation of relaxation.

As when this was being designed the galaxy book S was in a laptop less like a smartphone in the designer’s mind and that’s why it is 11.8mm thick with less than the weight of 1KG. The Galaxy Book S is portable because of it’s best dimensions.

Galaxy Book S CPU

As Samsung made the galaxy book s slimmed they as well powered it up with the fastest CPU in it. Your this Galaxybook S is capable to provide you the better, smoother, and faster experince of accomplishing your tasks with its Snapdragon 8cx.

So, With the Galaxy book S Snapdragon 8CX you can perform all your tasks running your everyday applications.


When we talk about any laptop or considering buying it the first thing we need to look for is battery life. The Samsung GalaxyBook S battery is just amazing! With the Single charge of the day, You can take your galaxy book out and forget the worry of charge it again and again. With the single charge, the Galaxy book S can long last for up to 25 hours^3 playbacks of videos being watched easily, generating reports and drafts. This is one of the best laptops for bloggers and writers as well to write different articles and lectures. This laptop galaxy book S is best for the students in 2020 to buy.


Samsung Galaxy Book S comes with port C. And what we as far think is amazing most of the smartphones and laptops are upgrading to USB type C. You can charge your galaxy book S with any USB C charger outlet to charge this thing. Now you don’t need to bear the pain of keeping the charging adapters as well.


This Samsung Galaxy Book S is protected with the fingerprint sensor on the left side of the laptop. The Login Sensor of the galaxy book S is under the Power button. You can now power up your galaxy book S laptop with a single click. This is the superb and amazing decision of Samsung to provide the fingerprint sensor under the power button & we think that this will be most loved by the users. It is convenient and easy to reach location.

Quick Awake

It’s easy to use on a tap. When you wake up so your this galaxy book S wakes up with you immediately. As we already told you in the above paragraphs that this galaxy book S is like a smartphone so whenever you touch the keyboard mousepad or a power button as it works like a fingerprint sensor your galaxy book S immediately wakes up and ready to use.

Network Support

The Galaxy Book S comes with the network support with LTE enabled.

Samsung Galaxy S Specifications:

Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
Display13.3” FHD TFT 16:9
Dimension305.2 x 203.2 x 6.2-11.8mm
Platform/CPUQualcomm Snapdragon™ 8cx
Internal Storage256GB

Samsung Galaxy Book S release date

Galaxy Book S release date: Galaxy Book S will be released on February 13th.

This is the Samsung Galaxy Book S Review. Thanks for reading about Samsung Galaxy Book S.

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