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Apple MacBook Pro 2019 13 Inch – Full guide and review  -the Cheapest MacBook Pro

Here we have the best MacBook Pro 2019 13 inch review and guide. we’ve discussed all the specifications of Apple MacBook Pro 2019.

What was Apple planning in 2019 for the 13-inch MacBook Pro? This year’s model added some significant characteristics, such as blazing-fast processors, True Tone display technology and a quieter keyboard, which checked many items on our wish list and created one of Apple’s finest laptops yet.

But as we look to the future, Apple’s issues are not as evident to fix for its next high-end notebook. Here’s what we believe the MacBook Pro holds in 2019, as well as what we want from the model of the current year.


More power at its cores.

MacBook Pro reaches fresh heights in computing efficiency with the recent Intel Core processors. The 15-inch model now features an 8-core Intel Core i9 processor ninth-generation that reaches up to 5.0GHz Turbo Boost speeds. This provides a 40% quicker return rate than with the preceding generation of 6-core processors and a maximum of 3D graphics applications like Autodesk Maya than a quad-core processor. And the new 13-inch MacBook Pro eighth generation quad-core processor prepares for even the hardest assignments. So if you work on pro-level processing tasks like code building, 3D model rendering, unique impacts adding, various track layering, or video encoding, you’ve got to do everything. More Quickly.

13-inch model

Up to 

Intel Core i7 processor

Up to


Turbo Boost


Run more. Wait for less.

The 15inch MacBook Pro. can be used with up to 32 GB of high performing.

2400MHz DDR4 memory to speed up the workflow with big documents. 

Or various pro applications or virtual machines.

15-inch model

Up to32GBDDR4 memory

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Eye-opening graphics performance.

The 15-inch MacBook Pro incorporates an independent Radeon Pro GPU with incredible power and extraordinary energy efficiency. In addition, we combine each stand-alone GPU with 4 GB of standard GDDR5 memory to provide you with real-time fluid performance in the most complex tasks, such as the rendering of 3D titles in Final Cut Pro X. For its part, the 13-inch model has a powerful integrated graphics processor with 128 MB of DRAM, double the previous generation, which accelerates tasks with graphics resources. That way you’ll have more time to do the most important thing: an incredible job.

Touch Bar

More ways to be productive. Always within reach.

Now, on all MacBook Pro, the Touch Bar replaces those function keys that have occupied the top of your keyboard for a long time.It automatically shifts according to what you do to demonstrate you appropriate instruments which are intuitable to use — volume and brightness control systems, interactive ways of contents adjustment or navigation as well as smart typing functions such as emoji and predictive text, to name but a few.

Tap it. Hold it. Flick it. Slide it.

Well known gestures make the Touch Bar simple to use. Tap to enlarge the control strip, click to modify volume and luminosity, or slide back to the wind during the viewing of a film.

Just what you need.
Right, where you need it.

Many of the integrated applications on your MacBook Pro have touch bar controls which facilitate popular activities, such as sending an email or formatting a document. The Touch Bar shifts according to the application you are using, which provides both front and center shortcuts. And Touch Bar applications from third parties can also benefit.

Final Cut Pro X

Drag across the schedule during editing. The Touch Bar matches the work you do and provides you with instruments from deep within the application.


Choose the picture as a favorite, use it automatically, or attach your picture to an album rapidly. The Touch Bar also offers editing instruments such as filters. Filters are used.

Logic Pro X

Go to a place, tune your sounds or transform your Touch Bar into audio, piano or panel.


Type a predictive text message quicker. When you compose a message, the Touch Bar can propose frequent recipients and emojis.

Customize what you use most.

You can develop a direct shortcut to assist you to function quicker and be more efficient on your Control Strip and applications like Mail, Pages, Safari, and Final Cut Pro X.

Touch ID

Advanced security. Right at your fingertip.

You can open your MacBook Pro with Touch ID immediately. Settings and closed notes are accessed quickly. And even switch among users — all with finger contact.